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Correspondance course

"Somabiblia kwa njia ya mtandao" is a correspondance course providing basic understanding for the Bible and Christian teachings.

The correspondance course is a service we provide for those who wants to read our books on different teachings, to get a deeper understanding of the topics. If you want to take this course, our teacher is ready to advice you, correct your answers and give guidance in order for you to expand your understanding.

Participants who finish the course well, will receive a certificate.

The course is free. The student is only required to buy his or her own books. The books can be bought from our suppliers around the country, from our mobile bookshops or ordered through this address: somabiblia kwa njia ya mtandao, S.L.P. 2696, Arusha.

After registering for the course and chosing a book, the student will recieve questions for the book through e-mail or post, whichever suits the student. The student will send his or her responses to our office in Arusha, or by e-mail to the correspondance teacher. The response will be corrected, and returned to the student with a certificate if he/she has answered well.

If you want to register, please send us a letter with your name, address and phone number to the postal address shown abovs, or send an e-mail to the following address:

Or fill out the form below:

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The following books are used in the course:

  1. Dini na Maisha
  2. Ubatizo wa Kikristo
  3. Imani Yangu
  4. Roho Mtakatifu
  5. Maombi
  6. Historia ya Kibiblia
  7. Onjeni Bwana Alivyo Mwema
  8. Biblia Ijieleze Yenyewe
  9. Wokovu – Maana na Matokeo
  10. Al-Kitab
  11. Israeli kwa Mtazamo wa Kikristo
  12. Mwongozo kwa Familia ya Kikristo I
  13. Mwongozo kwa Familia ya Kikristo II