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Vifaa vya Ibada/Pastors corner

VINGINEVYO/Other items

Vifaa vya Ibada/Pastors corner

Anne Gihlemoen

Baadhi ya nguo za kichungaji tunaziuza Soma Biblia


Vifaa vya ibada

Code Jina/Name of item

38026 Pastor' Chalice

38028 Tray and Disc for Communon

38011 Tray for Communion Complete

38023 Bread plates and cover

38025 Altarcup - miniature

38024 Altarcup 24K gold - miniature

38010 Communio Cup Filler Squeeze Bottl Wide M

38001 Communion Cups 1000 pcs

38002 Communion cups pc

38003 Communion Set

38005 Bread Big

38006 Bread small 300pcs

38029 Bulk Wine

38019 Wine 1 Lita

38007 Wine 70cl

38021 Mishumaa candle mikubwa

38027 Mishumaa midogo

Orodha ya bei/Pricelist

Nguo za kichungaji

Code Jina/Name of item

38015 Collar for pastors

38018 Mashati

38030 Mashati (special collar)

38022 Majoho - Robe Pastors

38016 Mishipi

38004 Stola

38031 Stola

38008 Stola

Orodha ya bei/Pricelist


Baadhi ya vifaa vya ibada tunaviuza Soma Biblia: