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Anne Gihlemoen

A few days ago Soma Biblia launched a podcast online called Wanawake wa Imani. Wanawake wa Imani is six audio programs aimed at women of Tanzania; for the mother of little children in the village, fighting for daily bread. It is for the grandmother, who is a little bit better off, but who cares deeply for her children and grandchildren. It is for the young girl, studying in a town a long way from home. 

The vision of the program is to lead women in Tanzania to gain a personal and liberating trust in Christ alone, as Savior, Friend and Lord in their everyday life - with the Bible as the source.

The programs want to point out the listener that the Bible is more than a book to carry under the arm to church, but that it also has a relevance and is a resource in their daily walk with God. In the Bible they can find strength for their faith and relationship with Christ. 

Inge-Marie Thise Roager is the heart, writer and presenter of Wanawake wa Imani.

Inge-Marie Thise Roager is the heart, writer and presenter of Wanawake wa Imani.

The speaker in the programs, missionary Inge-Marie Roager, is beautifully presenting the different themes with a presence and honesty that makes you feel that she is right there next to you, mentoring and advicing with a mothers love. She is curious and not afraid to be open and use her own life as an example. 

The six programs can be used in women’s Bible-study groups or any other women’s groups, or they can be listened to individually. The first four programs have questions at the end, that can make good discussions in a group. 

We pray and hope that the programs will be a blessing and be a helpful tool in leading women to Christ. The programs are free of charge, and we encourage spreading them. Any misuse of the programs, or anyone trying to make money on them, will however be reported. 

All the six programs can be downloaded on our website:

They are also available on Apple Podcast (iTunes), just search for WANAWAKE WA IMANI.

They can also be listened to on Youtube

If you want the programs to be sent to you on Whatsapp, please send a message to the Soma Biblia web editor, +255 744 629 575