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Soma Biblia news

The latest news from Soma Biblia. Information about new books, reprints, new editions of magazines and inspirational stories from our work.

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Riziki 3, 2019 is Available ‘How do we Recognize the roles of Children and young people within the Church?’

Cathbert Msemo

The main theme in this edition of RIZIKI is a discussion about therecognitions of the role of children and young people within the church.The aim is to remind us,the importance of recognizing talents and precious gift children and young people have, so that we can care them well.

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The Apostles' creed second article - theme of RIZIKI #3

Anne Gihlemoen

In this third issue of RIZIKI 2018, we have reached the second article of the Apostles’ Creed, and we go deeper into the meaning of Jesus Christ being both God and human.

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NEWS update from Soma Biblia

Anne Gihlemoen

New literature

Did you know that Soma Biblia last year sold over 2,2 million Bibles and books? And that Soma Biblia is the third largest distributor of Bibles in Tanzania? In other words: together we build Tanzania, and even better: together we build the kingdom of God. 

The organization Soma Biblia can be found everywhere in Tanzania. We have five branches spread across the country, and to reach even further, we have cars that go out from each branch in order to cover the whole country. A lot of people ask us how we use the surplus from our sales. The answer is simple: we invest it in going to those remote, far-away places where we know there is a thirst for the Word of God, and to places where we do not sell much because of poverty or other reasons, but where we can build relationships and spread the word of God through fellowship. We also use our surplus to invest in making new books, and to make our magazines: RIZIKI (a free magazine for those who work for the church) and Twende (a Christian magazine for children).

The latest RIZIKI (number 2, 2017) is now available. You can read it online by clicking this link:

The latest RIZIKI (number 2, 2017) is now available. You can read it online by clicking this link:

The latest issue of TWENDE is now available at only 500 tsh each. 

The latest issue of TWENDE is now available at only 500 tsh each. 

Soma Biblia workers seminar

In order to create unity among our branches, and to inspire and create awareness about our work, all Soma Biblia workers gather once a year for a seminar. This year we met at the Amabilis centre in the city of Morogoro. We had a really good seminar, where we among other interesting things had Bible lessons held by Elizabeth Lulu from Mzumbe University, and a session with the Bible Society of Tanzania, who talked about the different translations of the Swahili Bible. In the evenings we had good time to build friendships and play games. And at the end of the seminar, we had a gamedrive through Mikumi national park.